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2013 goals

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There are two type of gameplay! Normal, and Survival. Normal mode will have some sort of waves and between waves you can go and buy some more ammo and visit the stores, and the survival is just a constant game of coming ships, with no option to refuel the canon with special balls.

Each level will have about 5 enemies waves. They will get harder and harder.

The basic gameplay is fairly simple, aim the cannon to shoot directly at the incoming boats to destroy them. Some boats are simple rowboats and can be destroyed even if not hitting it directly but very near, some need two or three shots to destroy them. 

Enemy boats attack in waves, waves will get more and more difficult, but with bigger rewards.



CHARLY – Meet the most loveable boss around town! We fell in love with him the very moment we laid eyes on him and you will too! Feel free to contact us for more information.  

ANTONIO – If you love long walks by the beach at sunset, then Skippy's your kind of dog. Your companion and friend, Skippy has a huge heart and it's filled with love for you!

JOSE– Bruiser is a complete jokester. He loves to play and is all cuddles in the evening. He's a great pet for all types of homes and he plays well with others!